November 14, 2019 Negotiation Session

Notes contributed by Negotiating Team member Dr. David Johnston, Natural Sciences

On November 14, 2019 the Oregon Tech and the OT-AAUP bargaining tems met for their third round of negotiations. The parties concluded their discussion of, and tentatively agreed to, ground rules. The ground rules were signed by chief negotiators Brian Caufield and Cristina Negoita on November 20, 2019. A copy of the signed ground rules can be found on the OT-AAUP website. The OT-AAUP negotiating team was generally pleased with the ground rules, specifically since it did not limit the ability of our membership to observe the negotiations, and that the agreed upon negotiating time frame does not put the faculty in an overly disadvantageous position if a strike becomes necessary. Both parties agreed to begin exchanging CBA article proposals at our next meeting on December 5.

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