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Solidarity and Deep Breaths: Impasse and What’s Next

Colleagues, I think it’s fair to say that we were all surprised by senior administration’s declaration of impasse this afternoon. We will have general meetings for you about this (including next steps) next week; stay tuned for dates and details. There is now a 30-day cooling-off period during which negotiations will continue, and, after which, either senior administration can implement… (Read More)

Bargaining Update: Oregon Tech works because faculty do!

Hi, colleagues, I’m writing today to share some key information about recent bargaining proposals—namely, what our compensation proposal costs and why, as well as why we rejected senior administration’s workload and benefits package. (As you may recall, senior administration presented their workload and benefits proposals in a linked package, which means that we would have had to accept both proposals… (Read More)

Re: Our Latest Compensation Proposal

Colleagues, I’m writing to share OT–AAUP’s compensation counterproposal as presented by math faculty member Joe Reid at bargaining yesterday. Here is our compensation proposal and here is the slideshow overviewing the framework for the proposal. Our compensation proposal is based off of nationally accepted metrics and addresses salary compression, discipline differentials, terminal degrees adjustments, housing stipends (i.e., geographic stipends as… (Read More)

February 25th, 2021 Package Proposal From OT-AAUP

Though generally, proposals shared during mediation are not made public, OT-AAUP publicly proposed a package of five articles on 2/25. We have made this package available for your viewing on our proposal table, as well as at the links below: Package Proposal Cover Page Academic Classification Proposal Benefits Proposal Faculty Compensation Proposal Sabbaticals Proposal Successor and Term of Agreement Proposal

Welcome back! Updates and general meeting (1/12/2021 at 2 pm) (Originally emailed to faculty on 1/6/21)

Welcome back, colleagues! I’m writing today with some quick updates from your faculty union as we start winter term. First, we are having another general meeting on Tuesday, 1/12/2021, from 2 – 3 pm, over Zoom. Please come for updates and action items. The meeting link will be forthcoming. Second, over the break, the negotiating teams continued to exchange proposals… (Read More)

Bargaining update; General meeting 1/12/2021 (Originally emailed to faculty on 12/14/20)

Dear colleagues, As an unforgettable fall term wraps up, we’re writing with a few key union updates for you. First, our next general meeting will be 1/12/2021 at 2 pm (Tuesday of Week 2). This meeting will serve as a follow-up to our meeting of 12/4/2020 and will cover updates to bargaining and what next steps will be necessary to… (Read More)