Election and Voting Results

The election and voting results from the end of Fall term 2018 are in! You can find the official results posted on ElectionBuddy here, and they are reproduced below. 61 faculty members voted in this process.

We continue to encourage faculty involvement in union activity. In the coming months, we will ask for input in the negotiation process, and as the faculty union takes on appropriate roles, opportunities for committee and other service work will arise.

President: Mark Clark (unopposed, 100% of vote)

Vice President: Yasha Rowher (70.7% of vote)

Secretary: Matt Frye (unopposed, 100% of vote)

Treasurer: Kevin Pintong (unopposed, 100% of vote)

At-Large Representative, Klamath Falls: Kyle Chapman (58.2% of vote)

At-Large Representative, Non–Klamath-Falls: Andria Fultz (unopposed, 100% of vote)

Bylaws Approval: Approved (98% of vote)

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