Day 3 of Mediation: Bargaining Update (Originally emailed to faculty on 11/13/20)


Yesterday was the third day of mediation for our collective bargaining process, so we’re writing with a quick update. (Reminder: Bargaining updates from OTAAUP will always come from; emails from are from the administration’s bargaining team.)

Unlike in past bargaining sessions, proposals are considered confidential during the mediation process, but we can share with you the following basic information about the day’s progress.

Parties exchanged the following articles:

  • Leaves
  • Discipline
  • Arbitration (ready to TA)
  • Fringe Benefits
  • Donations for Hardship Leave

We will continue the mediation process again next Thursday. Thank you for your continued support.

In solidarity,
Your OTAAUP Bargaining Team

Dr. Cristina Negoita, Chief Negotiator
Dr. David Johnston
Prof. Karen Kunz
Prof. Joseph Reid
Dr. Matthew Search
Prof. Stephen Schulz
Prof. Terri Torres

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