A win for faculty! ULP decision unanimously in our favor (Originally emailed to faculty on 10/29/20)


We’re writing today to share with you good news: This morning, we received notice that the Oregon Employment Relations Board (ERB) ruled unanimously in our favor regarding the Unfair Labor Practice (ULP) complaint we made this summer.

Per the official ERB order, “The Board found that Oregon Institute of Technology committed unfair labor practices in violation of ORS 243.672(1)(e) . . . . The Board also concluded that Oregon Tech violated the duty to bargain when it unilaterally eliminated stipends and release time.”

Here is the ERB’s full ruling.

In other words, we won!

Despite the administration’s use of thousands of dollars in an attempt to defend their actions, we have been vindicated.

As part of this decision, everyone who was impacted by the illegal change to the Stipend/Release model will be made “whole” by the university, with interest. Please let us know at unite@oregontechaaup.org if you were adversely affected by the university’s actions so that we can keep track of whether the university is fulfilling their legal obligation.

Additionally, as a result of this decision, these issues will return to their rightful place at the bargaining table, where faculty will continue to have a strong voice.

Thanks to our faculty’s efforts through the union, we were able to achieve this victory. Thanks for your continued support!

In solidarity,

Your OTAAUP Executive Committee
Dr. Sean St. Clair, President
Dr. Cristina Negoita, Vice President
Dr. Kari Lundgren, Secretary
Prof. Terri Torres, Treasurer
Prof. Andria Fultz, Portland-Metro At-Large Representative
Dr. Kyle Chapman, Klamath Falls At-Large Representative
Dr. Mark Clark, Immediate Past President

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