Students Support OT-AAUP!

OIT faculty are very fortunate to have our students and their support! (Image Thread)

If you have any photos you’d like to share, please let us know at or share them to our Facebook page or @ us on Twitter!

Klamath Falls students sending solidarity vibes to their peers in Wilsonville and Chemeketa!
Some preparation work in Wilsonville as the Portland-Metro campus gets ready for its picket line!
Students and faculty gathered outside the Portland-Metro campus in Wilsonville
Wilsonville folks had all entrances to the Portland-Metro campus covered!

Look at that crowd!
Klamath Falls wasn’t the only place for big crowds this week!
Dental Hygiene students showing support and literally standing with their faculty on the picket line!
Thank you for all of your support!
Civil Engineers, bringing the puns!
Nuclear Medicine and Radiological Science students standing up for their faculty and their programs!
As a Communication professor and a dad, I fully support any and all puns!
Not only do I appreciate all of the support from students on every campus, I’m really impressed that Portland-Metro students can shoot lightning from their hands! (Or maybe that’s just the framing of the photo?)
X-ray students know the importance of a good image to convey a message!
Solidarity from Chemeketa students!
And, while we are all definitely out here in support of a Fair Contract for Faculty, some of our supporters would also like you to know that they are on strike for cats!


As Communication Professor Christopher Syrnyk said today on Facebook, it’s the community—the students, staff and faculty on campus as well as the town surrounding campus—that makes a university great.

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