Archiving and Protecting Your Course Content

During the March 19 general meeting, several faculty were concerned about what might happen during a strike — Who will teach our courses? How will students access assignments and materials? How will this affect students’ progress towards their degrees and our accreditation? What happens to course content I’ve created if I’m not there to teach it?

Right now, we’ll focus on that last one and what we can do about it. While intellectual property law limits the amount of content someone else can take from your course designs to just 10% of the overall material, OIT’s current policy (specifically section 6.215) is a little more murky when it comes to educational materials developed with OIT resources, like a CMS. Some faculty at the March 19 meeting expressed a general interest in getting a little more control over the ways someone might access this content.

And so, this post explains how to migrate a Canvas course to a different Canvas server. You can leave your material there just to archive it for safekeeping, or you can actually invite students to use it, because I’m sure we are all concerned about what a “qualified individual” might do with our course materials without consulting us first, and there are a lot of interesting ways we can all take a little more control over the intellectual property we develop as faculty!

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OT-AAUP Frequently Asked Questions, for Students

Note: this document is informed by questions asked during OT-AAUP’s student forum on 4-13-21. Any further questions for OT-AAUP can be directed to

A second open forum for students will be held on Friday, April 23, at 6:00 PM. If an agreement is reached before then, we will still hold the forum to discuss what comes next! Register here: 

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