Oregon Tech Chapter of the American Association of University Professors

We are the united faculty of Oregon Tech. Through teaching, outreach, and scholarship, we generate and share knowledge to advance the lives of students, the well-being of communities, and the understanding of the world in which we live. We believe that an empowered and organized faculty will help build a better Oregon Tech for current and future generations

Students Support OT-AAUP!

OIT faculty are very fortunate to have our students and their support! (Image Thread)


2021-2025 Collective Bargaining Agreement

You can find a copy of the CBA ratified in Spring 2020 on the OIT Provost’s page here, and you can read it in its entirety below.


OT-AAUP Frequently Asked Questions, for Students

Note: this document is informed by questions asked during OT-AAUP’s student forum on 4-13-21. Any further questions for OT-AAUP can be directed to unite@oregontechaaup.org. A second open forum for students will be held on Friday, April 23, at 6:00 PM. If an agreement is reached before then, we will still hold the forum to discuss what comes next! Register here:… (Read More)

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The Executive Committee

The Executive Board is made up of faculty who are nominated and elected by their peers to guide the organization and collective actions of OT-AAUP members to best serve the interests of all Oregon Tech faculty.

Meet the Executive Board

The Executive Board oversees the Stewards and forms committees to protect the rights of bargaining unit members.

Meet the Stewards

See Active Committees

New Faculty

Are you ready for our convocation session? If you have questions, always feel free to reach out to unite@oregontechaaup.org!

Faculty over 0.5 FTE are covered by our contract. All faculty members are invited to join the union, gaining the opportunity to vote in union decisions, stand on committees and even run for union office!

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Get Involved!

Our union was formed and is maintained by motivated, passionate faculty that want to make a difference in their workplace and community. Members who want to get involved can do so at any time!

Our committees handle much of the day-to-day work of keeping our members informed of news and events, researching the impacts of new policies and procedures and understanding what member goals and needs are.

Stewards are the main point of contact and information for members, and they are organized by campus building for Klamath Falls and Wilsonville faculty, with online faculty serving as Stewards for their peers.

The Executive Board is elected every even year, overseeing the long-term vision and goals of the union as a whole.