Good morning colleagues!

After some last minute rescheduling before the start of the term (for which we’d like to congratulate our SEIU colleagues on achieving a historic contract!), the Oregon Tech chapter of AAUP is set to begin negotiating ground rules this coming Thursday, October 17. The negotiation will run from 2-6pm in Room 402 at Portland Metro and the Sunset conference room in Klamath Falls.

During these meetings, our negotiation team will bargain on behalf of all faculty. As such, negotiation sessions are open to all faculty who wish to attend and observe. Future meetings will alternate locations, but we will always have a Skype link connecting both campuses. In this first meeting, any faculty wishing to observe will need to do so physically from either Room 402 or Sunset. We hope that future negotiation sessions will be more accessible by our Chemeketa, Seattle and online colleagues and will push for those considerations in our ground rules.

During our negotiation days, we invite faculty to wear red or white (AAUP’s organizational colors) in a show of support for our negotiation team, even if the time or location of the negotiation meeting means you cannot attend. All visible support shows that we are a united faculty at Oregon Tech and helps strengthen our negotiation team’s bargaining position.

Following this and all negotiation sessions, you can expect a recap of proposals offered and any agreements made. Follow the progress of our negotiations at!

In Solidarity,

Matt Frye, OIT-AAUP Secretary, on behalf of the OIT-AAUP Executive Board
Mark Clark, OIT-AAUP President
Yasha Rohwer, OIT-AAUP Vice President
Kevin Pintong, OIT-AAUP Treasurer
Andria Fultz, OIT-AAUP Member at-Large
Kyle Chapman, OIT-AAUP Member at-Large

General Meeting – September 24, 2019


1) Welcome (Mark, Executive Committee President)

2) Update on Summer Activities (Mark)

a) Preparation for contract negotiations – more from Cristina
b) Training at AAUP Summer Workshop

3) Status of Department Chairs (Mark)

a) Hearing complete
b) Waiting for ruling

4) Executive CoPlans for Fall Term (Mark)

a) Information distribution about contract negotiations
b) Organizational development

i) Refining of bylaws
ii) Determination of dues structure

5) Contract Negotiations (Cristina, Negotiating Team)

a) Communication about contract negotiation
b) Revision of bylaws, election processes
c) Determination of future dues structure


OIT AAUP Newsletter 1.2 — Pre-Convocation News

Good morning colleagues!

As we get ready for the start of the next academic year, your faculty union has a short newsletter for you! As announced in the previous newsletter, the Faculty Union Negotiation Team issued a Demand to Bargain over the summer. The date for initial negotiations regarding ground rules has been set for September 26, during the interim week between Convocation and the first week of classes.

Early this term, a general Faculty Union meeting will be announced (with access for Portland-Metro and Online faculty). This meeting will include more information about the bargaining process and what faculty can expect from their union in the coming year. While we were unable to schedule a time during Convocation, we will strive to make this meeting as accessible as possible for all faculty.

And, in related news, OIT Staff organized under the Service Employees International Union (SEIU, local 503) are currently negotiating their contract as well. We are invited to wear purple on their negotiation days to show support and solidarity for our co-workers. If you would like to show your support, the OIT-AAUP Newsletters this term will include their negotiation dates as well as ours.

We’ll see you all next week!

In Solidarity,

Matt Frye, OIT-AAUP Secretary, on behalf of the OIT-AAUP Executive Board
Mark Clark, OIT-AAUP President
Yasha Rohwer, OIT-AAUP Vice President
Kevin Pintong, OIT-AAUP Treasurer
Andria Fultz, OIT-AAUP Member at-Large
Kyle Chapman, OIT-AAUP Member at-Large

OIT AAUP Newsletter 1.1 — Bargaining!

Good morning colleagues!

Earlier this summer, the Faculty Union Negotiation Team issued a Demand to Bargain to the university administration. While our union was officially recognized last year after the card campaign, the union executive committee was still gathering input from the larger faculty body regarding the issues that mattered most to them.

Over the past year, the executive committee, negotiation team and a research committee reviewed the contracts from other AAUP faculty unions across the country, sought input from AAUP leadership and communicated with members of the newly formed faculty union at Oregon State University. We continue to seek faculty input for contract articles as negotiation goes on, but as our administrative structure settles into place, we believe it’s time to get the ball rolling on bargaining.

The negotiation team issued their official Demand to Bargain, preferencing dates in August to set the initial ground rules for negotiation (a necessary “syllabus day” for how both sides of the negotiating table should expect the process to proceed). We have not settled on a particular date to begin yet, but the administration’s response suggests that negotiations will begin just before the start of Fall term.

Faculty will receive invitations to attend negotiation sessions (in person or remotely) as those dates are set.

In Solidarity,

Matt Frye, OIT-AAUP Secretary, on behalf of the OIT-AAUP Executive Board
Mark Clark, OIT-AAUP President
Yasha Rohwer, OIT-AAUP Vice President
Kevin Pintong, OIT-AAUP Treasurer
Andria Fultz, OIT-AAUP Member at-Large
Kyle Chapman, OIT-AAUP Member at-Large

Announcement of OIT AAUP Quarterly Public Meeting!

Hello Fellow Oregon Tech Faculty!

Oregon Tech AAUP is committed to having quarterly meetings to keep you up-to-date on the work we are doing.  You are all invited to our Oregon Tech AAUP Spring Quarter 2019 Quarterly Meeting. 

We are meeting on Tuesday, April 16th, 2-3 p.m. in Owens 224.  All faculty are encouraged to attend.  If you are not located on the Klamath Falls campus, or if you are located on the Klamath Falls campus but unable to attend in person, a Skype link for the meeting was sent to all OIT faculty email addresses on April 1. 

At this meeting, President Mark Clark will share an update on union activities; he will then facilitate an open discussion about our upcoming contract negotiations.   

As always, your Oregon Tech AAUP representatives will be there to answer any questions you may have as we prepare for our first contract negotiations. 

We hope to see you on Tuesday, 4/16, at 2!

Update on Faculty Union Activity, 2/13/19 (Union President Mark Clark)

Sent via email to all OIT faculty on February 13, 2019:

Dear Faculty Colleagues;

I want to take this opportunity to update you on the activities of your faculty union, Oregon Tech AAUP.  Following the approval of our bylaws and the election of officers at the end of the Fall term, your Executive Committee has been working to establish our union’s structure and to prepare for negotiating our first contract.

The members of your Executive Committee are:

                President: Mark Clark, HSS

                Vice-President: Yasha Rohwer, HSS

                Secretary: Mathew Frye, COM

                Treasurer: Kevin Pintong, CSET

                At Large, Klamath Falls Campus: Kyle Chapman, HSS

                At Large, Other Campuses: Andria (Andie) Fultz, COM

In addition to the Executive Committee, we have established three standing committees: Membership, Communications, and Elections. If you are interested in serving on one of these committees, please let me know.

I am happy to report that Cristina Negoita from our Mathematics department has agreed to serve as our head of the contract negotiating team. She will be joined on the team by Chelsea Gustafson from Natural Sciences, Phil Howard from Computer Systems Engineering Technology, Kari Lundgren from Communication, and Steve Schultz from Medical Imaging Technology. The team is currently undergoing training, and we plan to initiate contract negotiations in the near future.

As part of our preparations for negotiations, we circulated a faculty survey on issues related to bargaining. I would like to thank all of the faculty members who participated. I would also like to let you know that you will have the opportunity to participate in an open forum on issues related to our contract. This meeting is scheduled for 2-3:00 PM, Tuesday, February 26, 2019 in CU Bailey/Thielsen. An announcement for this meeting that includes a Skype link will be sent to you via separate email.

For faculty at our Portland Metro Campus, I will be holding an open forum in Wilsonville room 124 from 5-6:00 PM on Monday, March 18, 2019. I will be there in person, and look forward to seeing you there if you are able to attend.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to me if you have any questions or concerns related to union activities. You can contact me at my Oregon Tech email address, or if you prefer, you can reach me at my private email,, or call or text me at (541)591-9762.

All my best to you, and I look forward to serving you as your union President.

Dr. Mark Clark
President, Oregon Tech AAUP

Election and Voting Results

The election and voting results from the end of Fall term 2018 are in! You can find the official results posted on ElectionBuddy here, and they are reproduced below. 61 faculty members voted in this process.

We continue to encourage faculty involvement in union activity. In the coming months, we will ask for input in the negotiation process, and as the faculty union takes on appropriate roles, opportunities for committee and other service work will arise.

President: Mark Clark (unopposed, 100% of vote)

Vice President: Yasha Rowher (70.7% of vote)

Secretary: Matt Frye (unopposed, 100% of vote)

Treasurer: Kevin Pintong (unopposed, 100% of vote)

At-Large Representative, Klamath Falls: Kyle Chapman (58.2% of vote)

At-Large Representative, Non–Klamath-Falls: Andria Fultz (unopposed, 100% of vote)

Bylaws Approval: Approved (98% of vote)

Elections and Bylaws Approval!

Between November 26 and 30 (Dead Week), all OIT faculty covered by the bargaining unit (0.5 FTE or greater and not currently a department chair) will receive a ballot to elect Executive Committee officers and approve the Bylaws. As noted in the draft Bylaws (Web Version | Word Version), if approved, these officers will serve until the next election in March of an even-numbered year.

Ballots will be distributed over email.

Call for Nominations!

Are you interested in working on the Oregon Tech AAUP Executive Committee? Do you know someone who might be interested or well-suited to the job?

Your faculty union, Oregon Tech AAUP, is in the process of making the transition from an informal coordinating committee to a formal structure governed by bylaws and administered by an elected Executive Council.

We will be seeking formal approval from the faculty for the bylaws shortly through a vote of all members of the bargaining unit, i.e. all faculty with appointments of 0.5 FTE or more. Continue reading “Call for Nominations!”

Site Update!

We’ve updated the site quite a bit today, catching up on the union-related activities that happened over the summer as well as making a number of new documents available. You can scroll down from here to view the new posts chronologically, or use the sidebar to filter via post category, to search, or to subscribe to receive notifications of future updates when they happen.

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