General Meeting – September 24, 2019

Good evening all!

Notes will be added to this post and emailed out after tonight’s General Meeting. Please see this page for an agenda as the meeting begins.

If you are unable to attend the meeting in person but would like to call in, please use the Skype link or phone number below.

New Skype link: link()


1) Welcome (Mark, Executive Committee President)

2) Update on Summer Activities (Mark)

a) Preparation for contract negotiations – more from Cristina
b) Training at AAUP Summer Workshop

3) Status of Department Chairs (Mark)

a) Hearing complete
b) Waiting for ruling

4) Executive CoPlans for Fall Term (Mark)

a) Information distribution about contract negotiations
b) Organizational development

i) Refining of bylaws
ii) Determination of dues structure

5) Contract Negotiations (Cristina, Negotiating Team)

a) Communication about contract negotiation
b) Revision of bylaws, election processes
c) Determination of future dues structure


Meeting Notes

(To be posted after meeting.)

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