Good morning colleagues!

After some last minute rescheduling before the start of the term (for which we’d like to congratulate our SEIU colleagues on achieving a historic contract!), the Oregon Tech chapter of AAUP is set to begin negotiating ground rules this coming Thursday, October 17. The negotiation will run from 2-6pm in Room 402 at Portland Metro and the Sunset conference room in Klamath Falls.

During these meetings, our negotiation team will bargain on behalf of all faculty. As such, negotiation sessions are open to all faculty who wish to attend and observe. Future meetings will alternate locations, but we will always have a Skype link connecting both campuses. In this first meeting, any faculty wishing to observe will need to do so physically from either Room 402 or Sunset. We hope that future negotiation sessions will be more accessible by our Chemeketa, Seattle and online colleagues and will push for those considerations in our ground rules.

During our negotiation days, we invite faculty to wear red or white (AAUP’s organizational colors) in a show of support for our negotiation team, even if the time or location of the negotiation meeting means you cannot attend. All visible support shows that we are a united faculty at Oregon Tech and helps strengthen our negotiation team’s bargaining position.

Following this and all negotiation sessions, you can expect a recap of proposals offered and any agreements made. Follow the progress of our negotiations at!

In Solidarity,

Matt Frye, OIT-AAUP Secretary, on behalf of the OIT-AAUP Executive Board
Mark Clark, OIT-AAUP President
Yasha Rohwer, OIT-AAUP Vice President
Kevin Pintong, OIT-AAUP Treasurer
Andria Fultz, OIT-AAUP Member at-Large
Kyle Chapman, OIT-AAUP Member at-Large

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