Exec Meeting April 22 2020

General Meeting next Tuesday

  • Zoom link has been sent, needs to be distributed to faculty
  • Introducing new officers from election
  • Major update on negotiation

Reaching out to faculty under current environment. How do we support the negotiation team?

  • Oregon State is encouraging folks to attend bargaining remotely
  • Common background image/Zoom icon for faculty
  • Outreach to legislators about outstanding issues. Encouraging legislators to send letters to President, Board of Trustees, etc.

How do we support faculty who are at high risk? Distance teaching, etc.

  • Administration is largely following state recommendations
  • Summer teaching will only be online

Negotiation update

  • Joint Labor Management Committee — existing legal tool that we are requesting. Would like to TA as soon as possible to use JLMC to meet with admin about COVID-19 issues. Admin has responded that they are not interested in implementing JLMC even if the article is TA’d.
    • Article has been TA’d, so we can request a meeting on any mutually agreeable topic.
    • Dr. Afjay suggested that the union just needs to ask Dr. Mott to join the COVID task force, specifically to get faculty from K Falls in the group (Jamie Kennel, Steve Addison already on it).

Proposed representatives

  • Someone like Kyle Chapman, who has already been chosen by union membership and who is a medical sociologist.

Bargaining Unit definitions

  • Brian Cauffield wants to keep visiting professors out of the bargaining unit, debating whether we have an adequate definition of faculty.
  • Our definition of faculty is anyone with 0.5 or more FTE in teaching.

Non-discrimination article

  • Administration has finally given a counter that includes sexual harassment language
  • Also finally included language about engaging in lawful political activities


  • Articles and negotiation minutes just need to go to Ben for website updates

Faculty participation

  • We need to ask Jim Bakken, others for advice on keeping up faculty engagement
  • Just 5-10 extra dial-ins on the Zoom call each meeting would be useful
  • Email out Zoom links on the day of each session
  • Next meeting is on the 27th. That’s the limit of planned meetings so far

Finance Info Meeting

  • Howard Bunsis  from Eastern Michigan can do an info session on university finances, looking at all of our publicly reported data from the last few years. We could likely record it.
  • Tentative scheduling: Second half of May

Upcoming proposals

  • Promotion, workload and compensation articles coming up soon.
  • We should make sure that the finance presentation is before the compensation article