Re: Our Latest Compensation Proposal


I’m writing to share OTAAUP’s compensation counterproposal as presented by math faculty member Joe Reid at bargaining yesterday. Here is our compensation proposal and here is the slideshow overviewing the framework for the proposal.

Our compensation proposal is based off of nationally accepted metrics and addresses salary compression, discipline differentials, terminal degrees adjustments, housing stipends (i.e., geographic stipends as we had them previously) and yearly updates in line with national averages at four-year baccalaureate institutions. (We used national averages because that is the only data senior administration would provide us.)

In this counterproposal, we conceded COLAs for 2020-2021 to share in the sacrifice due to the pandemic this last year, and we are asking for 3.00 % COLA for the 2019-20 (retroactive) given that we did not have any COLAs in 2018 or 2019 (which should have been at least 2% each year).

Thanks, as ever, for your support!

In solidarity,

Kari Lundgren, OTAAUP Secretary

On behalf of the OTAAUP Executive Committee

February 25th, 2021 Package Proposal From OT-AAUP

Though generally, proposals shared during mediation are not made public, OT-AAUP publicly proposed a package of five articles on 2/25. We have made this package available for your viewing on our proposal table, as well as at the links below:

Article: Faculty strike possible at OIT as negotiations enter final day

This morning’s Herald & News included coverage of our negotiations prepared by our own student journalist, Sarah Handyside. Here is the article.

OIT’s senior administration tried to block (or, at least, delay) The Edge from publishing this story. Please take a look to see what it is that they didn’t want our campus community to see.

If any of you feel moved to make comments or write letters to the editor, this may be a great chance to share our plight with the community.