OIT AAUP Newsletter 1.1 — Bargaining!

Good morning colleagues!

Earlier this summer, the Faculty Union Negotiation Team issued a Demand to Bargain to the university administration. While our union was officially recognized last year after the card campaign, the union executive committee was still gathering input from the larger faculty body regarding the issues that mattered most to them.

Over the past year, the executive committee, negotiation team and a research committee reviewed the contracts from other AAUP faculty unions across the country, sought input from AAUP leadership and communicated with members of the newly formed faculty union at Oregon State University. We continue to seek faculty input for contract articles as negotiation goes on, but as our administrative structure settles into place, we believe it’s time to get the ball rolling on bargaining.

The negotiation team issued their official Demand to Bargain, preferencing dates in August to set the initial ground rules for negotiation (a necessary “syllabus day” for how both sides of the negotiating table should expect the process to proceed). We have not settled on a particular date to begin yet, but the administration’s response suggests that negotiations will begin just before the start of Fall term.

Faculty will receive invitations to attend negotiation sessions (in person or remotely) as those dates are set.

In Solidarity,

Matt Frye, OIT-AAUP Secretary, on behalf of the OIT-AAUP Executive Board
Mark Clark, OIT-AAUP President
Yasha Rohwer, OIT-AAUP Vice President
Kevin Pintong, OIT-AAUP Treasurer
Andria Fultz, OIT-AAUP Member at-Large
Kyle Chapman, OIT-AAUP Member at-Large