Elections and Bylaws Approval!

Between November 26 and 30 (Dead Week), all OIT faculty covered by the bargaining unit (0.5 FTE or greater and not currently a department chair) will receive a ballot to elect Executive Committee officers and approve the Bylaws. As noted in the draft Bylaws (Web Version | Word Version), if approved, these officers will serve until the next election in March of an even-numbered year.

Ballots will be distributed over OIT.edu email.

Call for Nominations!

Are you interested in working on the Oregon Tech AAUP Executive Committee? Do you know someone who might be interested or well-suited to the job?

Your faculty union, Oregon Tech AAUP, is in the process of making the transition from an informal coordinating committee to a formal structure governed by bylaws and administered by an elected Executive Council.

We will be seeking formal approval from the faculty for the bylaws shortly through a vote of all members of the bargaining unit, i.e. all faculty with appointments of 0.5 FTE or more. Continue reading “Call for Nominations!”